How Do I Apply?
Click the orange Apply Now buttons that appear on each page of our website, complete the simple form and we will do the rest!
How Long Does It Take?
Our application form is very simple and should take you no more than two minutes to complete……we then give you an answer within seconds!!
What documents do I need to provide to be accepted for car finance
Once your application has been accepted the lender will need to see a copy of your valid UK passport or other proof of address, valid UK driving licence (both parts) and 2 months consecutive personal bank statements and 3 concurrent payslips showing your income.
Are There Any Fees and Do I Need A Deposit?
We do not charge you any fees for using our service. We will receive a fee from the lender upon completion of the application. The amount of this fee will be declared to you before you buy your car.
In some cases a deposit will be required and the amount of deposit will depend on the vehicle being financed.
If I’m accepted, when can I pick up my car?
You collect your car once your application has been completed and can be as quick as 24 hours. If you can supply the lender with the documents they require without delay they can process your application very quickly. They cannot process your application without the documents they request.
I have a poor credit record….can I still get Finance?
We can help customers of all credit types whether good or bad, even if you have been discharged from bankruptcy (but not if you are currently bankrupt).
What is your pre-application criteria?
We require all applicants to be at least 18 years old, in receipt of a monthly income over £800, hold a valid British driving licence, be in employment or self-employment or receipt of higher rate benefits over £800 per month, have a bank account that accepts direct debits and live in England, Scotland or Wales.
Do I have to purchase my vehicle through you?
No you can purchase your car through any dealer!!!!
You decide, after all it is your car and we want you to drive the car of your choice.
Can I purchase a vehicle through an individual or private sale?
At present we do not have any lenders on our panel who would finance the purchase of vehicle through a private source or an individual. The vehicle must be sourced from a UK dealership which is registered with the FCA!
How Does it Work?
Once your application is approved you select the car you want and then email us with the details, we will deal with the car dealer and they will advise you of the progress of your application and before you know they will call and say….come and collect your car!!!
Can I Buy Any Car?
As long as the car meets our lending criteria and it is not for commercial purposes then you can choose any car you wish.
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